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Wine Auction Logo comps – 1st review designs and font options + more…

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comp provided by client for retouch

retouched wine glass and kerned type
submitted 7.23.18


color comp logotype 6.30.18


grayscale version  6.30.18


etched wine glass comp   NO mountains – 6.30.18


etched wine glass comp  w/mountains – 6.30.18


grayscale version 6.27.18


color version 6.27.18


small 2 inch grayscale version 6.27.18




This more stylized, art nouveau border & font is my current interpretation/variation of your original mountains design.
It is a very rough comp for now because of endless possibilities including getting out my actual compressor and airbrush!

I did not fill in the wine glasses and bottles for this round but would add red and white wine bottles and glasses. Also the table surface would be rendered as wooden planks.

Debra 4.19.18

wine auction logo comp #10
Nouveau style font




Note: Sending this ‘rough’ because I could spend days on variations and realize I should get feedback first!
NOTE 2 – comps 4, 5 and 6 are not stock art. Original photo of grapes in my yard.



concept comp from client

wine auction logo comp # 01
Bodoni font

wine auction logo comp # 08
Bodoni font

wine auction logo comp # 05
Gill Sans Bold font – custom gold fill

wine auction logo comp #02
Gill Sans Bold font

wine auction logo comp # 07
Bodoni font

wine auction logo comp # 04
Trajan Pro font

wine auction logo comp # 03
Trajan Pro font

wine auction logo comp # 09
Bodoni font – stylized photo (click for larger view)

wine auction logo comp # 06
Trajan Pro font

Please note: I’ve used sample stock images for several of the designs so you will see faded 123RF type and diagonal lines. These will not be on the final designs. If any of the stock images are used, I’ll purchase the best resolution & size for this project from my stock image account. The final design will have no stamped marks and is licensed for all use except as a resale product.

After you’ve had the time to review these, I’d like to meet in person to hear your comments and requests. Each design can be adapted to a single color but of course will not have the impact of full color. Ideally we can use the full color online and adapt as necessary for the collateral print and display materials.


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