Winter Schedules

8:30a-9:45a Buzz n’ Flow Yoga / Alyssa Scheunemann
10:00a-11:15a Gentle Yoga / All levels / Susan Mendoza
4:15p-5:00p Creative Dance / Ages 4-6 / Isabel Braverman
5:15p-6:15p Ballet / Ages 7-12 / Isabel Braverman
6:30p -8:00p Adult Contemporary Dance / Ages 18+ / All levels / Catskill Dance Company

9:00a-11:00a Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series / All levels
1:00p-2:00p Tai Chi / Private group / New groups starting soon
6:30p-7:45p Yoga with Guided Meditation / Cheri Brasseale

10:30a-12:00p Adult Ballet /Open level / Liz Early
6:30p-7:45p Buzz n’ Flow Vinyasa Yoga /Susan Mendoza
6:30p-7:30p Full Spectrum Macrobiotics Nutritional Series /Timothy Gannon Creative Arts Healing

9:00a-9:50a Barre Fusion -overall body conditioning/ All levels / Susan Mendoza
10:00a-11:15a Gentle Yoga / All levels / Susan Sullivan
11:30a-12:30p Gentle Chair Yoga / Susan Sullivan
4:30p-5:15p Chi Buzz Kids Yoga & Mindfulness ages 6-8
5:15p-6:00p Chi Buzz Kids Yoga & Mindfulness ages 9-12
6:30p-7:45p Gong Meditation / Marc Switko

9:30a- 10:30a Mat Pilates / All levels / Bianca Velez
11:00a-12:00p Mayari Pole Dance technique / OPEN
12:00p-12:30p Mayari Pole Play /OPEN
5:30p – 6:30p Mayari Pole Dance Technique / OPEN
63;0p-7:00p Mayari Pole Play /OPEN

8:00a-9:15a Buzz n’Flow Vinyasa Yoga / Susan Mendoza
11:00a-12:00p High-Intensity Interval Training / Ryan Sander (BEGINS MARCH)
1:00p-5:30p Various workshops/ Please check Facebook
7:00p-10:00p Honey Comb Lounge events.

8:00a-9:15a Gong Meditation / Marc Switko
9:30a-10:45a Buzz n’Flow Vinyasa Yoga / Susan Mendoza
11:15a-12:30p Mellow Yellow Restorative Yoga / All levels/ Rebecca Derosa
1;00p-2:15p Pre-teen Contemporary Dance / Susan Mendoza
2:30-3:15 Creative Dance Ages 3-5 / Susan Mendoza
3:30p- 5:00p Open Studio /Personal Practice/Meditation/Free
5:30p-7:30p Adult Acting Lab / Ages 16+ ($15 suggested donation /sliding scale) No experience necessary.




Macrobiotics Nutrition Lecture Series Starts January 31st

The cold dark winter is in full swing and along with it comes the potential exposure to colds and flus of many types.
The internet is full of information on how to treat illness, from home remedies to vaccines.
Are you curious about how you can protect yourself and your family during this time of vulnerability?

This lecture will focus on certain diet and lifestyle practices that boost immune function during the season
that we are most susceptible to pathogens. Learn about seasonal cooking techniques, daily eating habits,
special applications of supplements and herbs and, macrobiotic home remedies that will protect against
and treat common colds and flu.

$15 pre-registration, $20 drop-in rate
(516) 491-8927 or by email to: